ghost net
neural net

The net has been useful to me as both a process and a structure.  As a process, the net allows small actions (marking and cutting) to accumulate and become something more complex and unexpected; the incremental unfolding of systems has been central to my inquiry. As a structure time, the net also proves remarkably malleable; as they expand, contract and adapt, a field or form gradually emerges.  I am interested in the ways the drawings become shape shifters. 

Working with the same basic logic, the work has been operating on several registers concurrently.  First, in large, cut drawings (like the For Now pieces), the paper becomes the drawing itself, as the drawing is released from the two dimensional plane and enters real space. Starting in the middle and drawing my way out, in these pieces I keep adding new sheets of paper as the work grows to spill down a wall or spread onto the floor. The color on the backsides of some of these drawings (For Now: Cloud;  Shroud) reflects colored light onto the wall behind the drawing or between sheets of paper (New Sky), allowing another kind of spatial interaction. Simultaneously, the smaller Tangle drawings enable me to explore different kinds of entanglements – nets ruptured and repaired, grown together, grown apart, inseparable – on a more intimate scale.

Consistent across this work (and the work that proceeded it) is an engagement with the language of drawing – as a way of figuring, as a way of paying attention, as way of enacting.  Drawing – sometimes visible, sometimes not – is the animating force. Consistent too are questions about how we are embedded and implicated in the world – in systems we emerged from, in systems embedded in us, in systems we proliferate, in systems we exploit. How are we suspended between agency and absorption?

LV  2017


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